He knew your hands were cold. The moment you were beside him on that stage, he immediately reached for it. His hands were probably warm. He held your hand for you to feel it — the warmth of his. He was caressing the back of your hand as if assuring you of something — something that only the two of you can understand. Or maybe he just missed you. Though you were with him yesterday after almost two weeks of not seeing each other, he still missed you. He missed you so much that he couldn’t wait to grab your hand. Or maybe he just simply wanted to hold your hand in front of everyone. In front of every guys probably crushing on you. He wanted to show that you’re his. He’s kind of possessive, I guess. Or maybe there’s really no other reason. He just wanted to close the distance between you two. He likes you. And you probably felt that by the way he stared at you while singing that beautiful song for him. He probably knew that you’re badly feeling shy and nervous so he kind of distracted you, ie. Jokingly asking “kelan ka pa naging singer?” But maybe he wasn’t really distracting you. He was discreetly trying to help you ease the nervousness. And by the time you were telling him your birthday message, I bet he wasn’t really listening. He was distracted. He was distracted looking at your beautiful face. That face was usually seen with funny expressions. But this time you were serious; your face was calm. The beauty of your features was more evident. He was probably torn between listening to your heartfelt message or studying your features. That boy looks really in love, you know. Or maybe not yet. Maybe it’s too early for that. It’s still hard to identify his feelings. But that’s it. He has feelings for you (though it’s still unknown what exactly are those). Only for you.

Posted: January 2, 2016 | Medium


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