You Are My Favorite Song

Everyone has their own favorite song. It’s that song that you’d always play on loop despite the hundreds or thousands of songs on your playlist; it’s that song that you’ll listen to whenever you want, whatever your mood for the day may be; it’s that song that you know by heart; it’s that song that you can always sing along to even when half asleep; it’s that song that your heart can easily recognize even when played in the faintest volume.


You are my favorite song

Something I want to keep to myself

Something I want to hide from the world

But at the same time,

I want to shout at the top of my lungs

And tell the world about you

About how beautiful you are

About how you make me feel so alive and special every time I listen to you

You are my sweet escape from this chaotic and noisy world

You deserve attention

And more love

But I love you so much—

So much that I’d rather love you alone

Than share you with the world

I am selfish

You are my sweetest little secret

My favorite song


But of course, you can’t listen to just one song forever. There will be times when you have to set aside your favorite song because of some of your new found songs. And you know the nature of people, they love novelty. They are always, always fascinated with anything new. You’ll get fond of some new songs and eventually get sick of it after getting tired of hearing the same thing for days or weeks or months—that’s the cycle—you’ll miss your old favorite song once again so you’ll forget everything else on your playlist, listen to it again and play it on loop as if it’s the only song on your playlist. If you ask me, I find that sweet. It really is, isn’t it? It’s sweet that you have that one special song that you’ll always listen to no matter how many songs the world throws at you. You may get distracted every once in a while but still, you know you’ll always go back to your favorite song—you’ll plug in your earphones, close your eyes, increase the volume, play your favorite song on loop, and let everything around you fade away as you let the music take you to something that is close to a paradise—somewhere only you know; somewhere only that song can take you.


You are the human version of my favorite song

I’m not listening to you as often as before

For I’ve found a song that I’ve become so fond of lately

But believe me,

I’ll come back to you

And we’ll go back to the paradise we’ve created for us together

I may have gotten tired of you at some point

But I won’t replace you for another song

I’ll still choose you again and again and again

Because you are my favorite song





2 thoughts on “You Are My Favorite Song

  1. Amazing! I am saving this perhaps to forward to my song. I hope your song never stops playing. I really love the narrative embedded in the poetry you should perhaps try that in a long form piece ill surely read it 🙂


    1. This comment really made my day. Thank you so much! I hope your song would love to know that he/she is that one special song in your heart. 🙂


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