Remember, they are irrelevant.

Here you are again, thinking over some petty things and then getting sad about it. Get out of your personal twitter account. It’s toxic. You know you’re weak in handling negativity. You are not the sun; the world doesn’t revolve around you. Not every one really cares about your existence. Stop thinking that everyone hates you. Stop thinking that every single negative post/tweet is about you! You are worth more than what you think. You are important, especially to those few people who truly care about you. You don’t need to over-think every single thing or over-analyze every single move. What good does that bring you? It doesn’t even give you satisfaction after thinking over it for hours and hours. You’re just making your life seem miserable when it’s not as bad as what you make it seem. It’s all in your head, honey. Fight those demons inside you. Don’t let them ruin what was supposed to be a great day. Don’t get affected with everything. Mind your own little bubble. Listen to your favorite music, read those fan fictions you’ve been wanting to read, practice digital drawing, write down your feelings, create stories. Focus on the things that will keep your head off all those negativity. You deserve to relax. Enjoy your time. Own it. Be productive instead of indulging in all those nonesense. Getting sad about those things that you shouldn’t even think about in the first place is a huge waste of time. If some (or a lot) of people really hate you, let them. Keep in mind that it’s inevitable; it’s normal. They are irrelevant in your life. As long as you have a few who accept your flaws and understand your shortcomings then you’re okay. And remember, you have you. What’s important is that at the end of the day, you still love yourself. Don’t you ever let people think that you deserve to hate yourself too.


I love you, Shynne.


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