I took a nap for about maybe two hours. I woke up, still vividly remembering a quite unusual dream. Well, it’s not really that unusual but it seems that that certain dream is trying to tell me a message. If I remember everything right, it goes something like this: I was carrying a big red bag which I would lose somewhere after a while. Still not noticing what I lost, I went straight to the airport (and since it was in the context of my dream, the place looks a little strange). It was when I got there that I realized that the bag was missing. I was starting to panic. Then I heard an announcement from the speakers saying that it’s already boarding time. I was torn whether I would just forget about the thing I lost or go looking for it. I chose the latter even though I knew that I would miss the flight. I found the bag back but when I returned to the airport, the plane is already going up the sky. I missed the flight. End of dream.

I know I shouldn’t be overthinking again but I can’t help it. Was that dream trying to tell me something? I think it’s about setting my priorities. Currently I am torn between two things and it’s seems that I should only choose one. It’s actually about the two organizations I am interested in. The first one is TOMCAT and the other is Thomasian Writer’s Guild. I’m not really expecting that I’ll pass the TOMCAT interview but still, I wouldn’t ignore the possibility of passing. The thing is, the deadline for submission of requirements for TWG is on October. 1, Saturday and the last day of interviews for TOMCAT is today, October 29, Thursday. I don’t know when the results for TOMCAT will be posted. I’m hoping to know the results early. If I pass TOMCAT, I will not push through my application in TWG. But if I don’t make the cut then I’ll do otherwise (even though I’m also unsure if I’ll pass the latter). Now I’m undecided whether I should continue the story I’m planning to submit for TWG or not. But my dream seems to tell me that if I keep focusing on TOMCAT, I might miss my chance in TWG. Not that I’m confident that I’ll surely pass one of them. It’s just that I don’t want to miss the chance. I wanted to take the risk. I don’t want to regret anything.

As Maine Mendoza said,

“In the end, you’ll regret the things you didn’t do

more than the things that you did.”


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