To one of the greatest CA profs

Today, another loved one passed away. No, she isn’t a relative of mine. She was one of my CA professors—Asst. Prof. Aurora Tuble, or Ma’am Tuble/ Ma’am Tubs as we usually call her. She was my professor for Intro to Communication and Communication Theories. I remember she was one of the CA profs I anticipated to meet as an incoming CA freshie back then. I used to read a lot about her in those freshie tips. Since she was teaching theories, there are tons of readings to read for her class (that I still keep until this day). And we always have a difficult short quiz with every lesson. I remember I barely passed those. I’m not sure if I did great academically but I remember learning a lot in her class. Her class was tough at times but it was all worth it. I can’t imagine not having her as one of the professors to welcome me in Communication Arts. I remember her as that professor who teaches with plain ppts (I mean who cares about cute ppt designs right? Because same, ma’am, same). But despite that, she explains everything well. And she always relates it in real life. You will really learn a lot from her.

And I must say that her class was never boring for me. She always has side comments even while someone’s still reporting. And sometimes she would rant about the government. Other times she would be in the mood for some random jokes and hugots about life. She was funny. But you know what I love most about her? It’s her genuine care for her students. She was one of the few professors who really make effort to teach well and assure that her students are learning the foundations that they will need. Even during her weakest, she tried hard to attend class whenever she can for her students. And there’s this story I’ve read on Twitter overhearing ma’am Tuble saying that she wants her first year students to take their exam earlier so she can finally rest. Until those days, she’s thinking about her students. For CA and Journ students, she was like our mother, our mama Tubs.

When I think about her, I hear her voice, the way she speaks. She usually sounds sarcastic but that’s just the way she speaks. My last memory of her that I remember the most was during consultation for our thesis. I probably couldn’t sit still, so she asked me if I was feeling cold. She even handed me the remote of the AC so I can lower the temperature. But I told her I was actually nervous. She laughed. It was a simple gesture, but in those moments, her being caring shined. She has a big heart. She surely has generations of students who will remember her as one of the greatest professor who showed genuine love for imparting knowledge and care for her students.

I’ve seen how she looked when she got sick, but I will always remember the ma’am Tuble back in first year. I loved her smile. And that’s the image of her that I will always keep in my heart.

It’s sad that you are gone now, ma’am. But I happy that you are now free from pain. The learnings and the good memories will always be remembered.

May you rest in the heavens, ma’am Tuble. I love you and I will miss you.


asst-prof-aurora-tuble.jpgScreen Shot 2018-05-06 at 7.17.26 PM.png



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