Birthday Message for Alden





I haven’t met you in person yet but I can say that you’re one of the best people I’ve known— ever. You’re too kind, too humble, too selfless, and too much of all the other good traits. You’re such a beautiful person inside and out, and sometimes it would amuse me that it’s possible for a celebrity like you. You may not believe this but you somehow left a big impact on my life. You inspired me keep my faith in Him (even motivate me to read the bible sometimes) and you taught me how to wait in patience because good things will come to those who deserve it. You also taught me that hard work pays off but it will not come instantly — only in the right time/tamang panahon, just like how you patiently waited for five years until your time to shine in that industry finally comes.

Some people might not understand why I love you this much. They might think that it’s only because I admire your pretty face. Little did they know that it’s more than that. I love you for your beautiful soul. I’ve read a lot of stories from people outside showbiz who had met you saying that you don’t easily forget. You remember almost everyone. From the parents of your highschool classmates to some lucky fans who were lucky enough to get a chance to talk to you. I believed them. I believed you. I believe in all the good things people tell about you.

Your life story always inspire me. I’ve read Reeza’s blog post about you. Your determination to achieve your goals is something else. So this second sem, I’ll try do better in my acads. I’ll try to be as determined as you. I’ll persevere to be a DL. If at some point, I’ll be close to quitting, I’ll just remember you. Then I will try again. This is how you influence me, RJ.

I know you’ll have a handful of other messages to read but I’m really hoping that you’d be able to read the one I e-mailed to Eat Bulaga (well, EB was the first to encourage people to e-mail letters anyway). There’s like only 0.01% chance that you’ll read that but I’m willing to bet. All for the love. I love you so much, RJ. And I’ll continue loving you until the time comes that you won’t be as famous as you are now. Please, please take care of your health. Learn how to say no sometimes. We’ll understand. We’ll always be here for you. Thank you so much. Happiest birthday to you!

— Shynne

(Posted: January 2, 2016)