“The Best Moments”

Every Day6 era has officially ended yesterday. It’s already been more than 6 hours since the Encore Concert ended, but until now I can’t stop thinking about it. Being the int’l My Day that I am, I just audio streamed. But I felt like I was there too, that until now, at almost 3 am, I can’t get over it. I’m really thankful for deciding to stan Day6. My irls couldn’t and probably will never understand why I love them so much. But since stanning Day6, I really became happier. I always had something to look forward to, even when things were getting tough for me in school. Day6’s songs always accompanied me in my all-nighters. And the boys always keep me motivated with their words. Cheesy, but they know how to comfort me even when they don’t know me personally. Their music just heals me. Their songs are my blanket of comfort when I feel down. And listening to their songs to start my day automatically puts me in a good mood. They helped me get through  my toxic 3rd year 1st semester–with just their music. I’ve been listening to their songs every single day since July until now, and I still don’t get sick of them. It’s that good.

I’m also really thankful for my fellow My Days. When I was on my lowest last sem, My Days were there for me. There was a time when I asked if anyone was willing to talk to me. I couldn’t talk about my problem to my irls then because I thought I’d feel more comfortable to open up to people who don’t know me personally. But then I was so surprised that a lot of  My Days replied to that tweet and even DM-ed saying they were willing to listen. I was really touched. And since then, I knew that My Day fandom is the best fandoms I’ve ever been part of. My favorite moment with them is every concert time, most of my tl would audio stream and we would live tweet together. It was really fun. 

I wasn’t there with Day6 since the beginning of their journey. But I’m so proud of how far they’ve come and how our fandom just keeps on growing. They’re not yet as big as the popular groups now, but they’re doing well. We’ll get there, slowly but surely. Olympic Hall is just one of their many dreams that they will achieve. The’ll get more recognition and they will achieve more. Because that’s what they deserve. 

Anyway, this is so unorganized again. I still have a lot to say but I’m getting sleepy now and I’m not sure what exactly I’m talking about again lmaooooo. But I just want to say that I love Day6 so much. I’m so proud of them. I can’t wait for more people to discover the goodness of Day6 songs.


Slowly But Surely

It’s almost 3am and here I am, crying over Day6. Sometimes my love for this band gets a little overwhelming; I couldn’t help but be emotional. I’m tired of shows being so careless with Day6 just because they ain’t big yet. They never get their name right when it’s just as simple as “Day6”, they disrespect them by not giving the stage they deserve where they could shine in MAMA, they “mistakenly” used a photo of another band when it’s just so easy to search for Day6 photos, and the list goes on. Day6 is such an amazing band. They succesfully finished their EveryDay6 project where they released new songs, an MV, and even hold concerts every month—a total of 25 songs and 25 concerts. All that and somehow they are still not as recognized as they deserve to be. They deserve more. They deserve everything. I’m honestly getting impatient. I just want more people to discover and listen to their songs. But I believe in time, they’ll get big. They’ll get there. They’ll achieve their dreams and more. And as Pau (one of my mutuals said), 

“Success is sweeter when it’s not earned overnight. Like scaling a treacherous mountain, each painstaking little step is significant towards getting to the top.”

But for now, I’m still very proud of how far they’ve come. The fandom grew and I’m sure the boys know how loved they are. We are lucky to have each other. Cheesy, but Day6 and My Days are my home. When things get tough or when I wanted escape real life, they are the ones there to comfort me and cheer up. When I lose motivation, they are the ones who help me get back up and keep pushing forward.

I love them with my whole heart.

Better Better

Hey. I can’t believe I’m writing again. I might as well keep up this sort of journal entries. Anyway, in case you’re wondering what’s with the weird title, Better Better is actually the title of a Day6 song from the Moonrise album. It’s my current favorite song and one of the songs I love listening to in the morning while preparing to go to school. It just automatically puts me in a good mood. Sometimes it even motivates me to do anything. It has just THAT impact on me. And it’s so weird because I’ve been feeling too motivated lately; I wanted to do so many things and I get frustrated that I couldn’t do them all at once. I want to catch up on Day6 all day, I want to write a fanfic, I want to write a blog, I want to start reading a novel again, but I also want to focus on finishing my resume and CV for internship applications. But it makes me happy. I feel… passionate again. It’s been months since I was on the mood to do all these for myself and for the reason that I was happy doing them. For the past months, I feel like I was only doing things for the sake of it or because it’s a requirement. Maybe it’s also the reason I lost interest in these things. I hate the feeling of being forced or told to do things. I want to move on my own will, at my own pace. But the real world doesn’t really work that way. You’re not that special for everyone to adjust for you. You have to adapt to the world around you. You have to meet people in the middle. Not everything has to go your way. I guess this is also what I need to remember because I keep forgetting it. This is one of the things I hate about me, though. I don’t say anything but this voice at the back of my mind always wants things to go according to her plans or what she wants. Okay–I actually don’t know why I’m suddenly saying this. I’m just writing whatever. I just want to let out all my thoughts in hopes of lessening overthinking, unlike the usual. I always feel like my subtle awkwardness is annoying. I’m annoying. I’m really trying to be nice and all, but I still end up doing and saying things that I regret and overthink every day. Not even exaggerating. Although I think I’m improving. It’s not as bad as it is back in high school. I feel good these days.

I’m also happy that I’m not stressing much about the internships anymore. I now have plans on the companies I want to apply for and I have also started on my resume and CV already. I’m actually feeling a little excited now (which I hope I won’t regret later on). I’m looking forward to the learning experience. School’s still pretty chill. It seems like it hasn’t officially started yet. Some professors are still not attending class and we don’t have much homeworks yet. But I hope once the shit tons of acad stuff to accomplish start, I will remain this positive. I’m genuinely feeling happy and motivated. I hope I’ll continue to be like this, even when the actual school works start.

You got this, Shynne 🌸